Golf Activities, Events and Tournaments

Highland Park Golf Course offers a variety of amenities and services to any class of golfer, including:

  • Full-length Driving Range
  • Spacious Putting and Chipping Green
  • Professional Golf Lessons
  • Diverse Golf Camps and Clinics
  • Individual, Family, Student and Corporate Memberships
  • Club Storage (members only)
  • Golf Tournament and Golf Event Accommodations

In addition, Highland Park Golf Course’s Pro Shop can accommodate any other golfing need, ranging from golf gift certificates to golf clothing or golf equipment.

2014 Tournament and Golf Events Schedule

April 18th CCC Tournament
April 30th Ladies Opening Dinner

May 1st Men’s League Practice
May 8th Men’s League Starts
May 13th Ladies AM League Starts
May 14th Men’s Senior League Starts
May 17th Ladies Member/Member
May 18th Men’s Ryder Cup
May 23rd-24th Melfi Tournament

June 1st Member-Guest Sign-Up
June 8th Pro-Member Tournament
June 9th Cayuga County Chamber Tournament
June 10th Nucor Tournament
June 13th Wine Tasting Tournament
June 14th Ladies Stag Day
June 23rd CNY Police Tournament
June 24th Ladies Invitational Tournament
June 29th Parent/Child Tournament

July 10th-12th Men’s Member-Guest Tournament
July 19th Ladies Member-Guest Tournament
July 21st Cayuga/Seneca ARC Tournament
July 28th Zonta Toutnament
July 29th Bobby Hoey Tournament
July 31st Junior PGA Tournament

August 1st Men’s District Tournament
August 8th Buschman Tournament
August 9th-10th Club Championship
August 15th Couples Casino/Wine Tournament
August 16th Ladies Stag Day
August 17th Pro Day
August 23rd-24th Caddy Match
August 25th Men’s Senior Member-Guest Tournament
August 27th Ladies Closing Dinner
August 31st Couples Member-Guest Tournament

September 11th Men’s League Ends
September 13th Ladies Ryder Cup with Dutch Hollow
September 14th Cayuga County Museum Tournament
September 16th Ladies AM League Closing
September 20th Men’s League Closing Tournament
September 28th Ladies Hole-In-One Tournament

October 4th Men’s Hole-In-One Tournament
October 5th Par 3 Tournament
October 12th Turkey Open Tournament